Agritech operates the largest sites in New England for the acceptance and reclamation of  soils from construction projects.

These sites have been fully approved by the Town of Uxbridge and are in compliance with MDEP Policies and Regulations. 

Concrete Recycling

Our Concrete and Asphalt Recycling is not only Permitted and Approved By MDEP, It's good for the environment, but buying recycled materials from us on a backhaul saves trucking costs, and it reduces your carbon foot print by loading the truck  round trip.


Managing Soils - Monitoring & Risk Management

Agritech,Inc. is a high spirited and forward thinking soil management and planning firm based in Uxbridge, MA. Specializing in Management and Planning for the reuse of surplus construction soils.

With more than 20 years and literally millions of tons of experience, we know what it takes to put a project together with a facility that can accept and properly manage reclamation soils, no matter how big the project is. We know how to prevent project delays caused by dificult to manage materials, or a receiving site too small for the job at hand, Agritech has over 10 years of capacity in Massachusetts!

Make those trucking dollars count! Make sure you buy your materials from us, bring some in and take some out . Save those empty truck dollars running loaded both ways!